99% On-Time

We have a proven 99% on-time completion record, and possess extensive experience in operating and managing firm fixed price, performance-based contracts with a documented history of no cost increases/overruns.

Lakota Solutions is proud of its 99% on-time rate! We guard our reputation of providing quality products and superior timeliness of services to exceed customers’ expectations and contract requirements. As a project-thinking company, we incorporate the latest collaborative methods, tools, and technologies to create a synchronized and highly productive infrastructure capable of rapid adaptation to Government project environment changes.

We have a documented history of keeping costs at or below budget, and a 99% on-time delivery of products and services, culminating in excellent customer satisfaction. By focusing on results, we consistently exceeded customer expectations in the completion of milestones, delivery schedules and administrative contract requirements. We also alleviated extended down time of Material Handling Equipment by creating partnerships with others in the industry.