Government Project Management

We established and continue to maintain a rewarding relationship with Robins Air Force Base. Together, we developed a sense of team spirit, and achieved remarkable success in the quality and reliability of our services.

Lakota Solutions is an expert in the field of Government Project Management. We are consistently rated “Exceptional” on our performance evaluations for Material Handling Equipment, Battery and other equipment maintenance. We are highly experienced in operating and managing firm fixed price, performance-based contracts while successfully operating within contract budget.

Our government contractor experience began in 2006 in Facilities Maintenance and Project Management services. Since then, we developed an enduring partnership with Robins Air Force Base. Our length of service with the Department of Defense is a direct result of our extraordinary work performance, professional relationships, and excellent cost management. We are committed to selecting, supporting, retaining, and replacing, if necessary, the highest level of qualified personnel available.

Lakota Solutions has been flexible in the delivery of our support services to Robins Air Force Base, including adjusting work schedules and priorities to satisfy the needs of the client and facilities occupants. We built a close relationship with the Defense Logistics Agency by providing a cooperative workplace atmosphere, successfully managing subcontractors, and timely identification and quick resolution of contract problems. We help DLA rapidly support the warfighters!

Our extensive experience, proven performance history and excellent reputation provide the Government the responsive, flexible, high quality, affordable contract performance they seek.